Installation Services

kitchen service :-

Appliances Installation/service

Update your home with new appliances—from gas ranges and cook tops to dishwashers, range hoods, and over the range microwaves—with help from our expert Installation Services teams. We take care of everything.

*Basic Kitchen Service :-
Details: (Proper fixing of hardware and alignment), material will extra cost as per actual site visit
Price : Rs.500/per visit

*Appliance Installation/Repairing/Servicing :-
Details: Hob/Chimney/Microwave/Cooktop/Dishwasher
Price : Rs.500/per appliances
Details: (Fittings and demo), material will extra cost as per actual site visit, civil work done at extra cost as actual



Kitchen appliances are part of an emergent market in India, more so, with a majority of the populace adopting effective modes of cooking.

Kitchen Accessories for a Modern Kitchen

Indian tastes and cooking has changed dramatically in the last decade but our kitchen utensils are ill-equipped to handle pastas, canned foods and sometimes even pizzas. The local markets are awakening to this change in kitchen equipment.

Home is where the heart is! Therefore, one must ensure to select only the best appliances and decorative items when it comes to home & kitchen. Kitchen appliances, Kitchen accessories, kitchenware ,Kitchen lighting etc.