About Us

We provide complete kitchen furniture solution at unbeatable price and quality, we supplies exclusive kitchen Accessories and hardware. Our firm has built a solid reputation based on good craftsmanship, dedicated customer service and a tailor-made approach to its wide customer-base.



We provide kitchens furniture from an extensive range of materials such as Laminates, MDF, Solid wood, Marine Ply and various other innovative products.


We offer a top of the range service of kitchen designing and installation at unbeatable price. To simply reform your kitchen at hassle free and at a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen With a complete range of innovative solutions right from the cabinet to shutters and accessories to hardware and kitchen appliances like chimneys, hobs, etc




Modular Kitchen Concept

The modules that make your kitchen “modular” would occupy both the floor and wall part of your kitchen. Apart from this one would have the table-like surface for placing electrical appliances like mixer, bread toaster and so on. Remember to have the electrical sockets planned in advance as well.


Conventional Kitchen V/S Modular Kitchen

Conventional Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Takes at least a month to become functional

Takes only 72 hours to become functional.

Initially cheaper but expensive in the long run.

Initially expensive but value for money in the long run.

Wastage of time and material.

No wastage of time & material, which again translate into saving of money.

No room for further additions or expansion.

Can be expanded whenever necessary.

Hassles with carpenters sourcing of materials unskilled labour etc.

Hassle free kitchen.

Consumes more space.

Designed to fit, thus saving on space.

All accessories are extra and separate units.

All accessories are an intrinsic part of the design.

All supervision is yours.

No supervision required at your end.


Site Visit: We provide free services for site visit, our site supervisor visit your site at just one call.

Kitchen Space Designing: We provide free Design and re-design service for your dream kitchen spaces with our team of expert interior designers with take care of your requirement and Vastu aspects, you visualize your dream kitchen with 3D pictures presentation and walkthroughs of your kitchen how it looks like after installation

Home Delivery Products @ Your Doorstep: We deliver your new products at your doorstep and you can relax while we carry them in for you. Delivery and possible installation work will be coordinated so that you can start enjoying your new products as soon as possible.

After Sales Services: We provide one year free services at one call and also provide service contracts facility for your dream kitchen furniture.